CUPP Calls On President Buhari To Act According To 60th Independence Anniversary Slogan

•Says President Has Divided The Country By His Policies And Actions •Calls On Nigerians Not To Despair •Promises To Fix The Country’s Challenges

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, in its 60th independence anniversary message has called on Nigerians to keep hope alive despite the current harsh conditions of the country.
In a Press Release issued by CUPP’s National Co-Spokesperson, Comrade Mark Adebayo, the opposition coalition stated that “Despite the current harsh socioeconomic conditions that the country has been thrown into by the current government due to lack of leadership capacity and clear vision there is light at the end of the tunnel for the country as the life of this government will soon expire giving way to a serious, competent, focused and visionary leadership that will be provided by the current opposition as from 2023 when, by God’s supreme grace, we will be in charge of the country’s governance”.
“We are aware of the overwhelming feeling of despair across the country and many Nigerians wondering aloud what’s there to celebrate in Nigeria’s diamond jubilee especially against the backdrop of the recent punitive increases in the price of premium motor spirit and electricity tarriffs. We, however, ask Nigerians to keep hope alive. Sixty years ago, the pioneer leaders of Nigeria from all the regions had a vision of a great, prosperous, and united nation. After independence on October 1, 1960, Nigeria became an emerging African power with huge potentials and a lot of promise. As the most populous African nation with the largest single concentration of blacks in the world, Nigeria became the proud cynosure of the African continent and the black race at large with a future assured. Alas! After sixty years of sovereignty, Nigeria has remained a crawling baby instead of living up to its birth image as the giant of Africa.”
“The last five years have been particularly challenging to the country due to no clear direction for the country as it suffers from unprecedented socioeconomic and infrastructural deficits, chronic insecurity and, most critically, our unity has been severely enervated through the wrong policies and actions of this government that have been extremely nepotistic and divisive. It is in this wise that we call on President Muhammadu Buhari to live up to the slogan of the diamond jubilee tagged “TOGETHER” by governing the country as the president of Nigeria and not a section of it. Nigerians have never been this divided since after the civil war fifty years ago as we have been in the last five years of President Buhari’s presidency due to policies, words and actions that serve mainly to divide us and destroy the principles of peaceful coexistence rather than unite us as a family. At 60,  Nigeria should have been more united and stronger, not bedevilled by the kinds of retrogressive political shenanigans daily orchestrated by the APC-led government since assuming the country’s leadership in 2015.”
“It is not too late for Nigeria’s redemption. The most crucial assignment before Nigerians is to elect competent, visionary and patriotic leaders that will best serve their interests without discrimination when next the polls come. We call on all Nigerians home and in the diaspora not to give up on the Nigerian project but to be robustly involved in championing a better course to greatness for their fatherland. Everything boils down to leadership. Once Nigerians get the leadership recruitment right, the country would be on the right path to development and greatness. We seize this opportunity to commiserate with the families of soldiers, policemen, civilian JTF members and others who lost their lives in the recent consecutive attacks on the Borno State governor, Professor Zulum. We hope this government would get its acts together quickly in the area of security and protect lives and properties of Nigerians.”
“As CUPP wishes compatriots happy diamond jubilee, we urge all to remain committed to the development, peace and progress of Nigeria”
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