Ondo Guber: Stakeholders Deserve Kudos over Peaceful Election –Poll Observer

An election observer, Comrade Abisola Ilesanmi has taken a critical look at the Saturday governorship election in Ondo State and commended all the stakeholders in the exercise and declared the exercise as peaceful.

Ilesanmi, who is the Director General of a right organization, Ondo Peace Movement, in an interactive session with the media in Ondo town, said the peaceful conduct of the governorship election on Saturday, was a delight to monitor, commending all the stakeholders for their patriotic conduct that made the exercise an interesting one.

The youth leader declared with emphasis that, “as far as I am concerned, the outing was fair and peaceful by our standard compared with what used to be ugly exercise we were used to,” wishing other elections in the country should take this heart-warming pattern.”

According to him, the peaceful outing was a pointer that the outcome would be credible and acceptable to all the contestants and their various political parties, enthusing that, “Nigeria appears to have taken the right path to political maturity and democratic ‘Next Level.”

Ilesanmi therefore gave kudos to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), election monitors from within and from abroad, the electorate and the generality of the good people of Ondo State for their resolve to allow electoral process to take its normal course.

The youthful group leader then single out the security personnel for commendation for high standard of professionalism display in the course of their duty, saying, all the natural hiccups associated with elections in this global plane were handled with high sense of maturity and thus reduced frictions that might have escalated to serious breach of the peace.

“The security personnel worked themselves into the hearts of the people by being civilised, humane and professional. The residents also exhibited sense of hospitality by being accommodating, patriotic and for their understanding,” Ilesanmi declared emphatically.

The Saturday governorship election in Ondo State, according to him, was a pointer that Nigerian are done with politics of bitterness and rapidly moving towards the new page of political norms, which is an acceptable standard universally.

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